The project

"Beeyourconcert, Music at home” is the web platform, which organizes private and intimate concerts, helping talented musicians of different genres to promote their music.

The aim of Beeyourconcert is to create a network of convivial locations, such as private homes or other similarly intimate venues, where musicians may perform, and at the same time promote their music, to be able to organise their own home tour independently.

Musicians please join with us our portal! If you become a member, you will have the opportunity to divulge your music and promote your particular musical programme! Create your own personal curriculum! Find a stage for your music and organise your own home tour at it suits you best.

Why House Concerts and Particular Locations?

Our mission is bringing quality music into intimate and sustainable places, like homes and particular locations, to get closer the people, because home is where we are. We need to understand that we are all connected, everybody comes from an Unique Root, even we belong to several cultures and places, from different ways to think. Beeyourconcert is an indipendent and sustainable project for music, peace, spirituality, tollerance and multiculturalism.

We think that stay close each other with music, creating an intimate atmosphere, we can better understand others persons and needs, it can help us to accept who is different from us, expecially in this period so dangerous for democracy and tollerance.

The highest mission of Beeyourconcert then, through music, is to work on our ego, the more dramatic and real problem of the human beings. Our goal is to respect Nature, and recover the connection between Nature and Human Being.

Everybody is lost inside himself, and music can help to feel that somebody can undestand us, can be close to us, it can help us to feel that we are part of a Big Draw.

Music has always had a big power of connection between people!

Developing in this way a spirituality, a connection between the visible and the invisible worlds, to help us be more aware and present, understand better ourself through intimate concerts.
Play with Beeyourconcert on your day off!

Music lovers, treat your friends to a concert! Enrol free of charge at our web site, chose from our ‘beehive’ a musician or a band that meets your requirements and let them delight your guests with their music; whether it be at party, a wedding, a get-together with friends, in other words, wherever you wish!

The service we offer is create a bridge between musicians and those people, (or private/public organisations) wishing to arrange a live musical performance in a location of their/our choice, it can be a private home or any other suitable venue.

The symbol of our project is a bee in a hexagon. Our bees are the musicians and their music our daily honey! Bees work together, pollinating a large percentage of all the flora that exists in nature, thus contributing to the continuation of the plant life that is essential for the existence and wellbeing of mankind.

Even though bees are tiny, they play a fundamental role in our ecosystem.

We are fascinated by bees, not least because they symbolise wisdom, humility and wealth in so many cultures. Buzzing freely from one flower to the next, they silently contribute to the balance of our ecosystem, just like music, in fact.

We do actions during our concerts in the name of sustainability, as print our visit cards on FSC paper, give as present a cotton bag with the Beeyourconcert's logo to all that persons which arrive at the concert with bicycle, public transport or by feet, creating partnerships with realities with values of sustainability.

Beeyourconcert loves Planet Earth and our Internet platform subscribes to the htpp:// project, which aims to reduce the impact on our environment deriving from the widespread use of the internet, thus contributing to the creation and protection of new forest lands.

We are also partnered with Radio Città Aperta and Lifegate Radio.

Beeyourconcert is now included in its catalogue of event providers of Lifegate Event.

Here you can find us! Music helps us to perceive ourselves, listen to ourselves, be ourselves, to redeem ourselves, our space, our very Being.

"As the bee gathers nectar, damaging neither the colour nor the scent of the flower it touches, so the wise live in this world" (Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha).

We offer a variety of different musical genres to suit all tastes and purposes. The creed of Beeyourconcert is based on the conviction that the strength to bring about change lies within each and every one of us, and is achieved through belief in oneself and through is said that the tiniest beat of a butterfly’s wings is capable of causing a hurricane on the other side of the globe.

This project is indipendent and self-financed, for this reason Beeyourconcert accepts gratefully new partnerships and sponsorships which can help the project to grow.

'Music is my favourite art form. Music begins where words end: it is the universal language of the souls who live and languish on the earth; it raises us up from grey reality to the limitless, luminous world of dreams; it bestows upon us the emotions and the wistfulness of the infinite' (Mario Rapisardi)

Beeyourconcert, Beeyourmusic, Beeyourself!!

Lady Bee